85% of Baba Vanga’s predictions were accurate.

Baba Vanga| Source:utajovobe.eu

Baba Vanga, a blind Bulgarian mystic, made some chilling predictions before departing from this world at 86. She made numerous prophecies in her lifetime, and many uncurtained with time.

Describing the course the world will take over the next few decades, the woman surprised many. Apart from her terrifying revelation about the end of this world, Vanga made some closer predictions.

Before her death, she hinted about the mega-tsunami striking Asia, of which the meteorite will land in Russia. Interestingly, her predictions about Trump’s fate are fascinating: falling mysteriously ill, becoming deaf, and earning a brain trauma.

Let’s dive straight…

Rosalia Lombardo

Photo Credits: ArchaeologyNewsNetwork

Rosalia Lombardo died at the age of two in 1920 from pneumonia. Her death left her father dejected, who failed to face reality and strove to take measures for preservation. Approaching a noted embalmer, he decided to go for mummification.

Alfredo Salafia was a skilled professional who tactfully performed Rosalia Lombardo’s embalming so well that even after 100 years of her death, she appears nothing but a sleeping beauty.

Impeccable Preservation

She has been mummified in the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, Italy, where she lies beneath the glass case and simply seems to be dozing off. …

His cereal was to hamper sexual desires.


The name of John Harvey Kellogg resounds when we talk about the American Hygiene Movement, as after all, he deployed his mind into thinking of varying health measures.

Espousing a holistic approach to wellness, Kellogg invented cereal with his brother, making such an “American breakfast” prophet in hygiene in the 20th century.

He championed nutrition and launched violent anti-masturbation campaigns, where the genitals of young girls and boys were advised to get mutilated.

Let’s dive into the link of his solid violent beliefs and his invention of a winning breakfast product:

Mixed Influences on John Harvey Kellogg

Born on Feb 26, 1853, in Tyrone, Michigan, Kellogg…

Rose Marks promised a novelist she could reunite her with a dead child.


Several sad women exist in the world. The educated and successful are the ones who possess fancy MBAs and other degrees.

But sadly, they are desperate. Their circumstances make them hopeless like they have abusive husbands, drug-addicted offspring or dying parents — they struggle in one way or another.

What do they do? Seek ways. The educated ones halt at a storefront, which reads “Laws of Attraction Guided by Psychic , Walk-ins Welcome.”

What happens next? Their eyes lit up, and they walk in to pay $50 for palm reading. …

When Sarah Rector, an enslaved descendant got lucky.


When Sarah Rector turned 18, her net worth was estimated at over $1 million, which amounts to about $28 million.

Interestingly, the wealth came from the undesirable land given by the federal government. Let’s dig into the details of such “undesirable” land:

Sarah Was Descended From Enslaved People

Death masks and their link with mummification


On top of the remains, we have seen strange masks that covered the face of the dead people. But have you ever wondered why Egyptians wore death masks?

We all are, to some extent, aware of mummification practices — it, after all, signified the Egyptian approach towards life and death. And death masks are heavily linked with mummification.

Death masks have been used since the 1st century. But why? Egyptians held a belief that the death mask helped the soul in searching its human body after death.

This clearly points out how death masks were tightly connected with mummification practices…

Malagasy people unearth the dead to dance, every seven-year.

Source: flickr / CC-BY 2.0

We all differ in numerous ways — one such way is through our belief system. Malagasy tribes hold a unique afterlife belief, and their mourning process is quite different; mourning does not exist for them.

Famadihana is one of the most bizarre yet beautiful death rituals from around the world. A ritual that brings the families together for renewing the memories.

After every seven years, the family members of the dead ones are dug up and cleaned. Further, they are dressed in expensive silks for the celebration.

The family members then party with the dead, and once done partying, they…

Mummification to the next level: Buddhist Sokushinbutsu.


Today it seems an impossible idea to mummify yourself — but it was not an alien concept back in the 11th and 19th centuries.

It was a religious practise called “sokushinbutsu”, which Buddhist monks would undergo in Japan.

We may consider it a brutal process, but monks sought it as a way of achieving further enlightenment. Pursuing higher status, sokushinbutsu monks would volunteer for the process.

They happily surrendered to a difficult part: to deprive themselves of the food before entombing themselves while still alive.

This practice has been banned in Japan, but there are still Japanese mummy monks who…

From its wifi to furniture: What’s it like to live in the White House?


Have you wondered about life in the white house? Well, it is a bit weird. The first family doesn’t only live in a house but also in a cross of resort and museum.

The picture we see in movies drastically shifts from reality, as several strange details are skipped in fiction — like, the president paying for his own food and scooping up the dog’s poop.

Let’s see how every ex-president lived through certain conditions while performing patriotic duties:

1. On-site beehive in the white house

Just like Buckingham Palace, the White House also has a little honey factory right on the property.

Official beekeepers take care…

Lincoln’s impact on the funeral services industry.

Source: Frederick News-Post / Public Domain

Pre-Civil War Americans dealt with death in a much simpler way. People would wash the dead, dress them nicely, and light some candles around.

Some relatives would stop by to bid farewell. Further, the body would get lowered in the cemetery in a simple wooden box.

But President Abraham Lincoln’s (R-Illinois) embalmment flipped that practice. After Lincoln’s assassination, his body was treated with varying chemicals. Owing to a lengthy funeral train, people from all over the world came to wish farewells.

People witnessed the corpse that hardly seemed altered. The new concept of embalming got fed into their head: they…


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