85% of Baba Vanga’s predictions were accurate.

Baba Vanga| Source:utajovobe.eu

Baba Vanga, a blind Bulgarian mystic, made some chilling predictions before departing from this world at 86. She made numerous prophecies in her lifetime, and many uncurtained with time.

Describing the course the world will take over the next few decades, the woman surprised many. Apart from her terrifying revelation about the end of this world, Vanga made some closer predictions.

Before her death, she hinted about the mega-tsunami striking Asia, of which the meteorite will land in Russia. Interestingly, her predictions about Trump’s fate are fascinating: falling mysteriously ill, becoming deaf, and earning a brain trauma.

Let’s dive straight…

Rosalia Lombardo

Photo Credits: ArchaeologyNewsNetwork

Rosalia Lombardo died at the age of two in 1920 from pneumonia. Her death left her father dejected, who failed to face reality and strove to take measures for preservation. Approaching a noted embalmer, he decided to go for mummification.

Alfredo Salafia was a skilled professional who tactfully performed Rosalia Lombardo’s embalming so well that even after 100 years of her death, she appears nothing but a sleeping beauty.

Impeccable Preservation

She has been mummified in the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, Italy, where she lies beneath the glass case and simply seems to be dozing off. …

Athenians used wells to talk with the underworld gods.


2,500-year-old thirty lead tablets have been found in the well in Athens. What makes this historic find interesting? The curses they contain.

These tablets were used to ask the Underworld Gods to cause harm to others. Initially, the excavation team, under Stroszeck’s direction, was investigating the water supply to a public bathhouse. Little did they suspect they would discover a set of curses.

Apart from the tablets, the archaeologist found drinking vessels, wine vessels, cooking pots, lamps, and wooden pulleys. Interestingly, it was the first time the well was excavated, despite excavation being done near the area regularly for centuries.

Where did 15 former presidents live after the White House?

Source: Richard Nixon’s La Casa Pacifica/Pinterest.com

Not many are aware of the places where the ex-president resided after leaving the office. After bidding farewell to the white house, many returned to their home states, several others chose to experience a new one, and few stayed in Washington D.C.

This begs the question of what their natural home looks like, are they immensely lavish or humble? See for yourself:

1. George Washington: Mount Vernon, Virginia

Utterly bizarre ads reveal several untold stories.


Before the U.S. civil war, escaped slaves posed a problem for southern US citizens. The owners wanted their human property back, and that too at all cost, so they used to place ads for runaway slaves.

The local newspaper was an effective medium to get the message across — laws like the Fugitive Slave Laws of 1793 and 1850 prohibited anyone from aiding any fugitive slave.

Additionally, owners used to hire slave catchers for not only spreading the word about the escaped slaves but also physically transporting them if captured.

The newspaper held every possible detail of the slave: an…

History of her childhood at a glimpse.


You probably have heard about the rags-to-riches story of Melania Trump, but there are some fascinating facts from her childhood that are worth a glimpse. Born in a tiny Slovenian town, the wife of the 45th President of the United States was raised in a blue-collar environment.

The mysterious woman carries several tales of her childhood — as everyone else does. Let’s read stories about her youth below.

1. She came from a working-class background in Slovenia

11 little-known things you didn’t know.


First ladies lie in that political grey area — where their role boils down to either ceremonial or social. But no doubt assail in the fact that their enormous influence exists.

Many devoted their time to social causes, and others remained the “brain” behind one’s husband’s presidency.

A first lady has to uphold a specific image; thus, she needs to abide by certain rules. So let’s dig into some interesting facts and uncover what you did not know.

1. They are given Secret Service names

The First Lady’s presence is constantly needed for public events, making her security as vital as her husband.

So, they receive the…

US fisherman was gulped and spat out.

Source: Tribune

Pinocchio proposes an exciting insight into what happens when one gets swallowed by a whale. But, it was, of course, a fictional version.

But, today, owing to experts and several real-life examples, like that of diver Micheal Packard, we can deduce what happens.

Several conclusion can be drawn through numerous incidents recorded. Packard’s experience definitely not the first one, as Rainer Schimpf also spent suffocating moments inside a Bryde’s whale in South Africa. Moreover, last year kayakers were caught found themselves in the mouth of a humpback in California. …

The bizarre burial of Queen Victoria


Queen Victoria, a name that echoed in nearly half of the world during the 19th Century, is not much of a thought today. But she was a lady of her time.

Victorians, in general, had obsessions with death rituals, and if you would know about the weird contents of Queen-Empress Victoria’s coffin, you would not agree more.

So let’s dive into some morbid contents she instructed to be left in her coffin.

Prince Albert’s plaster cast hand

During her time, she was the longest-reigning monarch laden with responsibilities. Having nine children meant she needed to make final arrangements of her life in secrecy.

Summoning her…

Heels weren’t originally for women.


In today’s world, high heels are deemed as the epitome of female fashion. It was not always like this. Let’s dig into a quick interesting history:

Origins and purpose

Having origins from Persia, high heels were manufactured for men between the tenth and fifteen centuries. Artisans designed heeled shoes for Persian cavalry to gain better stability in battle.

Heeled shoes began getting associated with male nobility, making their way gradually to Europe in 1599 through the Persian delegation, who needed European support against the Ottomans.

When the delegation arrived in the European courts, the European elite noticed their shoes that were inches long…


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