85% of Baba Vanga’s predictions were accurate.

Baba Vanga| Source:utajovobe.eu

Baba Vanga, a blind Bulgarian mystic, made some chilling predictions before departing from this world at 86. She made numerous prophecies in her lifetime, and many uncurtained with time.

Describing the course the world will take over the next few decades, the woman surprised many. Apart from her terrifying revelation about the end of this world, Vanga made some closer predictions.

Before her death, she hinted about the mega-tsunami striking Asia, of which the meteorite will land in Russia. Interestingly, her predictions about Trump’s fate are fascinating: falling mysteriously ill, becoming deaf, and earning a brain trauma.

Let’s dive straight…

Rosalia Lombardo

Photo Credits: ArchaeologyNewsNetwork

Rosalia Lombardo died at the age of two in 1920 from pneumonia. Her death left her father dejected, who failed to face reality and strove to take measures for preservation. Approaching a noted embalmer, he decided to go for mummification.

Alfredo Salafia was a skilled professional who tactfully performed Rosalia Lombardo’s embalming so well that even after 100 years of her death, she appears nothing but a sleeping beauty.

Impeccable Preservation

She has been mummified in the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, Italy, where she lies beneath the glass case and simply seems to be dozing off. …

Conspiracies are hidden on the Dollar bill which a US citizen would love to know.


You can not buy a lot with a buck these days, but at least the little piece of paper deserves a little attention. One dollar bill has been quite frequently taken in and out of the pocket, witnessing a massive chunk of US history.

It is an interesting idea to dissect the bill first before blindly using it for its purpose. Let’s dive into the hidden facts which you might not have known about this standard paper.

1. The first woman on a US bill

The dollar bill featured an image of Martha Washington, America’s original First Lady, over it. Well, when? Mrs. …

In 1952, a Nazi mastermind predicted the name “Elon” would be associated with Mars colonization.

Hitler & Elon Musk | Source:Pinterest.com |Collage by author

Elon Musk is a name that vibrates in our ears when it comes to the list of top billionaires in the world — the richest of 2021. The South African-born engineer has impacted the world through his leading innovations in space travel.

Elon’s company SpaceX works in creating energy-efficient and low-cost spacecraft — a means that owns a possibility of bringing first humans to Mars.

The success of the pioneering mission means the permanent association of the term “Elon ‘’ with “Mars’, “but interestingly, one does not have to wait for the future to witness such a link. The association…

The tragic story of Martha Mansfield’s accidental death.

Martha Mansfield | Source:TCM.COM

The Warrens of Virginia, a 1924 romantic drama, is a lost movie. People do not recall it for its plot — a man leaving his love of life for fighting into civil war. Rather for the movie’s cause of Martha Mansfield's accidental death on its set.

Martha Mansfield had been seen in several popular series, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. She rose to stardom in quite a short time, but that stardom was short-lived. The warrens of Virginia was her movie.

On 1923’s Thanksgiving Day, she was shooting for this civil war love story in San Antonio, and when…

Mike says he’s been involved in ‘secret operations’.

Source: Apex Tv

What if artificial intelligence goes too intelligent such that it begins challenging humans? Something is precisely going to happen, according to the time traveler who claims he is from the year 3700.

Mike, the Time Lord, has witnessed the robotic future. A bleak future awaits as a consequence of a terrible war between robots and humans.

Mike not only claims that he visited the year 3700 but also claims the visit of 18 times. …

Chaplin had 2,000 lovers but he didn’t like women.


Charlie Chaplin was loved for his slapstick comedy, and little do people know how he made the lives of his teenage wives a live comedy. He treated them with relentless cruelty.

Chaplin portrayed Hitler, a tyrannical dictator, in a 1940 film. Apart from the similarity of ridiculous facial hair with Hitler, Chaplin shares much of history’s unappreciated personality traits — like cruelty.

He is known for not trusting women because he feared abandonment and loss — such trust issues were reflected in the slightest provocation.

Sadly these women bore Chaplin’s cruelty, as some of them gave birth to his children…

Robert the doll attempted to kill a 10-year-old girl.


You might have gotten scared of the Child’s Play movie franchise. Red-haired killer doll, Chucky, haunted many in their dreams. The scary work of art took its legacy from the most famous freaky doll baby of Key West, Florida — the Robert.

People have over a century feared Robert because one is always thought to be listening. Let’s dive into the history of Robert the doll.

History of the man who owned the odd doll

The doll was owned by a person named Robert Eugene Otto, who gave his name to her. …

Robert Hanssen’s treachery was the largest security breach in FBI history.

Robert Hanssen | Source:timeline.com

How good of a neighbor was Robert Hanssen? Perfect one. Being a devout Roman Catholic and a dedicated employee of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), Hanssen, a 56 year-old-man, did not give anyone an air of his conspiracies.

Robert Hanssen was “Ramon Garcia” for KGB, whom he served faithfully as a longest-serving informant, leaking information related to US computer systems and security.

He was ultimately caught, but the damage was done — countless exchange of secrets. Robert Hanssen accumulated millions and diamonds, costing the FBI $7 million damage with the lives of three informants. …

The sexist also believed women had lesser teeth than men.

Source: greecehighdefinition

Aristotle’s baseless misogynist views make him a person with an imperfect mind, making it evident that even the wisest person of all times could have blind spots.

Literature reveals how the classical age philosophers took a deep dive into women’s nature, concluding some serious and disturbing remarks.

Ancient Greeks followed where each philosopher shared a varying viewpoint of the subject matter — Aristotle being most blunt and absurd. With his ideologies, Aristotle’s views went beyond sexism — he hardly thought women were humans.

Interestingly, the legend had thought he gave the scientific basis for the traditional belief in female inferiority…


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