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85% of Baba Vanga’s predictions were accurate.

Baba Vanga|

Photo Credits: ArchaeologyNewsNetwork

Celebs who have been accused of witchcraft for fame & wealth.

Source: Image by author / CC BY 2.0

The true tragic story of Dr. William Chester Minor.


Bizarre private life of America’s most eccentric founding father.

Source: WeirdFacts

Crazy lesser-known facts about the iron man.

Source: Image By Author

11 lesser-known and strange secrets of Newton’s life.

Source: Pinterest

Famous forged papers from Hitler, Shakespeare to Jack the Ripper.

Source: Image by author Made From Public Domain Images

Harriet Tubman was called the “Moses of her people”.

Source: traditionalafricanmarket

Some did weird math calculations & they turned true.

Source: Image by author / Canva collage of Public Domain


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